Friday, June 10, 2005


I hope Anne will post this on her own blog (and not kill me for posting it here) but in the meantime I had to beat her to the punch because... it's about me! The brief backstory is that I sewed the outfits for my bridal party, including a dress for Ruby, age 6 1/2, who was the flower girl. (Ok, the last bit isn't about me but I just wanted to show you the cool mind of Ruby Hensley.)

ruby has a concert at school today. last night she said, "i want to wear a most beautiful dress for my concert." i said ok and picked one out for her. she woke up this morning and wanted no part of the dress i picked out. i went through three more dresses before she said (in an exasperated tone, i might add) "i have to wear the one betsy made." and then she sighed. loudly. as if i were a complete dolt.

the night before last as she was drifting off to sleep she said, "if i'm really, really good in this life... (long pause) ... can i get a gift certificate

and i said yes


Teodoro Callate said...

Betsy, your blog is killing me today. I think I better go put on some Marvin Gaye or something to bring me out of whatever this mood is that I have fallen into. Postcard thing killed me one way, this one kills me another way...

As I heard one say recently, brilliantly, "I'm all up in a bunch."

Marvin, help me.

Elizabeth Crane said...

I hope it's killing you softly. Anyway I can take no credit for Miss Ruby Hensley, but I try to give her props whenever possible.

kfoz said...

Are you going to begin designing for little girls full-time? You could have a little business maybe?

Elizabeth Crane said...

No, my sewing skills are limited to straight seams and things that don't involve any of the following:
But I will say with Ruby's dress I expanded my horizons into zippers, and that was a first.

kfoz said...

Hey, that's a unique look!

The secret is--and this applies to all creative works--you can't ever acknowledge that your style and sensibility is in any way directed by your shortcomings.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Ken, that was brilliantly put. Unfortunately I have already opened my big mouth publicly about the shortcomings I know I suffer from as a writer - I learned the hard way to work with what I've got.