Monday, June 06, 2005

19 Things About Our New Nephew Asa That Are Excellent, In No Particular Order

1. insanely long eyelashes
2. huge brown eyes
3. cool parents
4. super tiny feet
5. tiny butt
6. shoulder dimples
7. smells almondy-babylicious
8. okay, everything
9. he’s related to us
10. shows early signs of tree-hugging
11. makes squeaky happy noises
12. interested in wind
13. rolls to one side almost brilliantly
14. very interested in Uncle Ben
15. Kung-fu grip
16. can almost stand, but chooses not to
17. enjoys drinking, sleeping, napping, and dozing off
18. lays hands on chest in cutest way ever while sleeping
19. he’s portable


Teodoro Callate said...

20. A cool name?

Elizabeth Crane said...

Yes, a very cool name!

B said...

Portable that is something to appreciate!

kfoz said...

I share two items with him: # 16 and #17. It is possible that I used to share all of these attributes, but no more. Particularly gone: 4 through 7. Extra particularly #5.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Considering it that way, I have the opposite of #1, but I am very interested in wind and Ben, and am pretty much all about #17.

DAM said...

Why is it that boys are lucky enough to be born with such long, beautiful eyelashes? I guess someone (G-d, the universe, whoever, whatever) is making it up to them because they aren't supposed to wear mascara. Long eyelashes AND no clumping.

I'm 4__, but totally 17. (See "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.)

Daniel Ridges said...

Asa is a great name. I have twin girls who will be two weeks old on Thursday.

I am personally into baby heads. Not like wearing them on a belt or anything sick like that, but there is something about stroking a tiny soft head with barely any hair that makes everything else (getting up 52 times a night for each girl, 48 of those times just to move the pacifier three inches into her mouth) a lot easier to deal with.

I've done an informal study: My large, mostly hairless, hard head does not have the same effect on people.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Baby heads rule. You're so lucky to have two! I don't know how you have time to look at a blog!