Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Not too much to report this morning except if you haven't been reading Tod's blog (link on side), you're missing a whole lot of fun involving the word "fucktard."

Although I would like to mention that I saw Lindsay Lohan on the Today Show yesterday and she covered herself up like a proper young lady and looked positively poised compared to Tom "I Love This Woman" Cruise.

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Teodoro Callate said...

I saw Ms. Lohan on Letterman last night (wanted to call you) and she was wearing something very, very strange. I haven't checked Fug Yourself today, but I wouldn't be surprised. Didn't look unhealthily skinny, though, so I was glad about that.

Letterman, a fave of mine, was kinda creepy about hearing that she was about to turn 19. Easy, Dave! You're an old dude!