Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Mom is on YouTube

So weird and random that this turned up on YouTube. Check it out. Maybe y'all can post some nice comments on there.

Patry Francis Day

First go here:Litpark

And then go here: Patry Francis.com

That's it for me today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Sad But Good Movies That Will Stick in Your Head

Half Nelson:

Even the picture is sad, right? I never saw this Ryan Gosling dude in anything before but he was fantastic. That kind of acting where you can just see inside someone's head, without them being all flashy about it.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure Gosling went to acting school with this guy from The Lives of Others (except for them being 20 years apart in age and Ulrich Muhe being from Germany):

One of the saddest movies ever, but also incredibly beautiful and thought-provoking.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Have Solved A Computer Problem Entirely On My Own

This is not to say that I have solved all my computer problems. Just one. Being that blogger was not letting me post anything at all. All by myself. Figgered it out. Now I've just got to work on the photo thing and we're really back in business.

Please praise me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apparently I Have A Book In Stores Now

Okay, so I'm having trouble uploading photos and adding links right now for reasons involving postdata and I have no idea what that means so the nice little cover of my book I wanted to post here will have to wait. But wait! I spoke too soon!

Anyhoo, the point is, you can buy the book now, YOU MUST BE THIS HAPPY TO ENTER, it's on Powells and Amazon and in most stores, from what folks tell me, even though the official release date is February 8.

And if you're feeling all Frenchy, there's a bonus story in the French edition, also just out, which is called BANANA LOVE (another story in the collection), and you can order that from Amazon.fr.

Chicagoans, please come to the release reading/celebration:

Thurs., February 7, 7pm
1854 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL

Special home-style treats for book-buyers!