Monday, June 27, 2005

Hong Kong Delightful

Ben’s band played in our yard this afternoon. Xianggang Delight calls themselves a “Post-Global Rock Collective.” My husband plays bass and keyboards, cow shaker (that thing you turn over that goes “mooooooo”), sings falsetto, does pyrotechnics, and portrays George Bush.

There’s not that much more I can say about it than that.


B said...

You HAVE to love a man that can play cow shaker! No wonder you married him!

Note to self: teach dave cow shaker, NOW!

Betsy said...


jackie said...

Eleanor has a cow-shaker. Maybe if HKD does an all-ages gig, she can show up and play along.

You're a cow-shaker, money-maker, love-taker, don't you mess around with me.

DAM said...

How is it that Ben can portray Dubya when Dubya has a tough time with that? I guess he portrays Dubya portraying Dubya.

Betsy said...

Hee. He actually plays a Dubya who admits to making a mistake. Fantasy, obviously.