Thursday, June 23, 2005

Miscellany Part 2

One More Reason I Loves Me Some Ben

One night recently when I was suffering from Restless Arm Syndrome (not to be confused with RLS, which also afflicts me), I said to Ben, “I think I might have arthritis.” He said, “Wow, really, what makes you think that?” In my head I had what I actually thought were vaguely valid reasons for this self-diagnosis, but it was late and I was tired and after I’d already opened my mouth, I discovered I was unable to explain. I said something like, “I guess… I’m not…” and thought I was going to say “sure” but instead I said “… a doctor.” And Ben looked at me with a very convincing look of surprise and said, “Huh.” And then we giggled for like ten minutes. Maybe you had to be there, but you’d have had to have been in bed with us, which means there’s no way you could have been there.

One Reason I Love Nina

Because who else would want to have a conversation about Dr. Phil’s sex life?

Thoughts About Diet and Exercise

Exercise: Not my fave.
But I did get me a new old bike, thanks to my sister, and that’s kind of fun.
Ben helping change tires: nice.
Man across street who helped me adjust the rear wheel: nice.
Carring bike up and down the stairs: Against. This bike is heavy.
Riding bike in the city: A little scary.
Donated helmet with “I heart my clit” sticker: um, "not really me" would be an understatement. Helmet in general: not really me. (I am from/survived childhood in a pre-helmet-existing generation.) My head and face: very much me. Thoroughly, enjoyably me. So will express love for clit for the time being and hope no one notices.

Diet: I’m not terribly in favor of this either, but recent weight gain has caused me to attempt both, at once (gasp!) and Weight Watchers is now easy, and here’s why: because there are these ice cream sandwiches that = 2 points called “No Pudge,” and if I can have one or two of those in my day, I can get by just fine.

Cats and Rats and Miscellaneous Critters

Kitties in the yard: I like them and sometimes feed them.
Kitties in the house: Make me sneeze and bust out in hives.

Rats anywhere, dead or alive: against. I am told that there is currently a dead one under our porch, and have not been down to verify.

Critters in Iowa: cute and frolicky. Disney-esque.
Critters in Chicago: less so.
Tom Cruise Anywhere: High tendency to over-frolick.


DAM said...

Dr. Phil. I haven't had many in depth discussions with anyone about him, other than with myself. I find his treatment, tactics and TV personality to be counter productive. At least his shit wouldn't work for me.

My own conclusion about him? The man suffers from either an inferiority or superiority complex. (I'm not psychologically astute enought to decide.) The cure? He should drop his pants, show us what's there and move on. He seems to have something to prove. Prove it and leave the air waves.

kfoz said...

I have a tendency to like Dr. Phil and I agree, mostly, with his whole push to make people CHOOSE functional behavior. Of course, he's not ever treating the mentally ill, just the neurotic and self-destructive.

Meahwhile...have you seen this:

Also, what's up with Mojo these days?

Betsy said...

Hee hee on Tom Cruise.
I too, like Dr. Phil's ideas about choice - I think there's a tendency to think we're powerless over ourselves sometimes, but I can definitely see your point, Debra. It's not always quite as simple as he makes it.
Doesn't anybody want to know why we were talking about his sex life? Well, I'll tell you anyway. One of us can picture it. And one of us can not.
Megan was in London for a week, so I haven't had a Mojo report lately.

DAM said...

Oh, I totally agree that life is about choice and we are responsible for our lives. (I think it's really empowering to learn and know this.) As someone once told me, we're all exactly where we want to be. Despite protests to the contrary, if we are unhappy, our choices keep us where we are or move us along.

As a veteran of many a couch, I also believe style is a big part of therapy. Yelling doesn't work for me. Shouting at me about the mistakes I've made and what I need to do in the future is so not for me! Spend $150 for that? Me no think so.

(As an aside, I have never understood why people go on TV to announce their stuff. "I'm a kleptomaniac." Thanks for the warning. I'll nail down everything in my home when you come over.)

It's scary for me to picture Dr. Phil's sex life, considering my thoughts on his style...DO IT THIS WAY! Ahhhh, romance.

Betsy said...

I enjoy it as entertainment, but my god, I would never go to a TV shrink either.

Megan said...

A. I'm doing Weight Watchers right now
B. I hate me some Tom Cruise, also
C. you are a hipster in the good sense of the word. Like how you know
those people who are kind and spiritual and help people and they are
Christians in a good way. You are a hipster in that you're cool and
stylish and interested in interesting things and tattoos and wonderful
cardigans, but NOT in the way that looks down its nose, or always wears
sunglasses so you can't see if they're looking at you, or says "that
sucks" all the time like how there are the bad Christians who are
pro-war, or don't want people in love to get married, or think it's
okay to bring tons of unwanted children into homes without love or no
homes at all.
You're the good kind of everything.

(does the fact that we feel B. [see above] make us the bad Christians?
Or are we exempt 'cause it's Tom Cruise)

Betsy said...

Thanks, Megan!
I think we're exempt because I believe he is potentially doing some harm here.

kfoz said...

I can't believe she came in here without any Mojo news.

Meanwhile, I recommend Nutrisystem...very yummy, lots of cheating allowed, convenient and I lost 20 pounds easily.

Betsy said...

My folks are having good success with Nutrisystem too!

jackie` said...

WW? Are you high? No, wait - takeback. speaking from personal experience, it's not about the clothing size. I've been skinnier, still thought I was huge, and had nothing even resembling peace around my eating habits.

I am so glad to hear of your foray into Bike Chicago!! PLMK when you are up for a ride.

Betsy said...

Actually it is at least partly about clothing size because currently none of mine fit! I've gained at least 20 pounds and the clothes are the primary reason - I can't afford new ones - and I really like the ones I have! Not that I'm loving the pooch around my middle much.