Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm everywhere

I made New City's Lit 50 list again this year, slow and steadily rising, this year to #30.
And here's an interview with me on Bookslut. I feel very happening to be acknowledged by the litblogs now - I made Beatrice a while back too.

I swear to god, though, I have never said "da da da" in my life! I cop only to using the phrase "sort of" as often as I usually use "like" and "you know."

And a correction: that was me who got teased about the socks and maternity shirt, not Nina.


B said...

Congrats on the list! But, if I were the editor you would have been #1 on the list! Jewel, of course, would have been #2--even if she isn't a Chicagoan!

Elizabeth Crane said...

Aw, thanks, Byron! Maybe next year me and Jewel will both place higher.

Teodoro Callate said...

Very cool interview on Bookslut. Congrats!