Monday, June 13, 2005

Printer’s Row Book Fair

I’m an old-timer at Printer’s Row now, and it was fun as usual. Matt Pagano and Tina Spielman, two of my former students at NU, interviewed me and Steve Almond for a future issue of Other Voices, generating an enjoyable and inspiring conversation I take little credit for (in retrospect, I should have just said “what he said,” after all his answers), after which Steve and I appeared on a panel moderated by Gina Frangello of OV on The Fiction of Heartbreak. Steve is a great writer, so you should go buy his books, and unlike myself, is extremely adroit at translating what’s in his head into words that come out as coherent and compelling complete sentences. (Whereas I am stellar at – well, alliteration, apparently – as well as thinking profound and brilliant thoughts that I could possibly put onto a page but exhibiting as the speech patterns of an infant when asked to speak, you know, spontaneously.)


jackie said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I used up my PRBF time rations at the Graphic Novel panel on Saturday. Glad to hear it was fun.

Erika said...

Of course you are correct. I like the fact that in a recent bio about Cris Mazza it was specified that the anthology she edited - Chick Lit - was before THAT usage. I had/have a copy. If I recall correctly, it has nicely disturbing stories in which women nurse feral cats and other such things. Submit that chick lit be reinvented as a genre about the poultry industry.

Was a hoi polloi poetess for PRBF, and my first green room ever(!).

Elizabeth Crane said...

I was sorry our readings were at the same time! Glad to hear it went well. See the other post for my response to the C-L issue.