Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stereotypes I Wasn't Aware Of

According to the letters section of the December Harper's, a Richard Lange of Santa Cruz, CA mentions the "shallow stereotype of experimental writers as weird, bitter people with an axe to grind." Huh. I consider myself at least somewhat experimental, and okay, weird, maybe, but weird and bitter? Maybe the problem is I just don't know what experimental means? Anyway, this is a stereotype? I seriously doubt anyone's bothering to stereotype experimental writers, not when it's so much more fun to stereotype movie stars.


Matt said...

I dunno...there might be something to this "experimental writer" stereotype that we are all missing. After all, if there wasn't some vague understanding burbling out there, then you wouldn't have such writers as Houellebecq trying to pander to it at every opportunity.

/ am worried that, in a generation, movie stars will be so insubstantial that it will become impossible to stereotype them

// prefers the brooding, Irish, drunkard literary stereotype to all others

/// finds it difficult to type "stereotype" multiple times in the same post

Betsy said...

/think you are right about that...
///pretty sure blatantly misusing /// here, but enjoying it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Experimental writers = weird & bitter??? Huh? People who attempt to play with form aren't weird and bitter, but rather intersting and creative. I hate uneducated comments like that!!!