Monday, January 02, 2006

And the Award for Best Collection of Linked Short Stories by A Former New Yorker in Chicago, Using A Lot of Parentheses and (award title cont'd below)

Not So Much in the Way of Periods, Occasional Elements of Fantasy and or Flights of Fancy, and Featuring the Word "Glory" in the Title Goes To...

So there’s an article in this month’s Harper’s by some Harvard dude about the dubiousness of prizes and awards and basically it makes a strong case for why the proliferation of these awards diminishes the value of any of them, from the Oscar to the Booker to the Nobel to some virtually unheard of awards.

But and still? I want to win.


DAM said...

My award is virtually unheard of, but I bestow the Dam on you. It's special because you are the first recipient. Sadly, it will not be televised. No red carpet moment. Maybe later as the award becomes better known.

Betsy said...

I gratefully accept and would like to thank my parents, and god, for the Dam, and of course, this wouldn't be possible without Dam.