Thursday, January 19, 2006

No, No, No, No, No. And No.

No to the title, no to the concept, no to the surgery, no. There’s a new magazine devoted to cosmetic surgery called, no lie, Skin Deep. Understand that I am as vain as anyone and I reserve the right to change my mind should the time come when I can no longer bear to look in the mirror. But even then I will fight my vanity with everything I have and it will not be hard because the thought of getting sliced, especially anywhere near my face, terrifies me.


Matt said...

I think we should send this link to anyone who even considers subscribing to Skin Deep.

/Jocelyn Wildenstein scares me

Betsy said...

I should have thought to include this in my post. What do they call her, the cat lady?

Anne Roche said...

I totally saw the cat lady on the Gold Coast today. She and her husband, who seemed about two hundred years old, were parking their car. There was room for TWO cars before the tow zone, but the disgusting cat lady would NOT move her car back further, saying, "You will get a ticket if you park there." And I'm like, yeah, which is why I need you to BACK UP, freak show. But I decided I couldn't bear to look at her any longer so I circled for a while looking for a spot and finally submitted to the valet. Cat lady owes me twelve bucks plus tip.