Monday, January 30, 2006

Glory Week at the Litblog Co-op

Proceed Only If You Have High-Speed + Can Tolerate The Sound of My Voice

Actually, there’s stuff to read too, and unlike me, you probably don’t have to leave your house while you wait for the podcast to download anyway. So, check out my virgin podcast over here at the Litblog Co-op, where the subject of All This Heavenly Glory is up for discussion this week. I’ll be joining them on Wednesday for a live blog, as will my editor on Thursday.


ed said...

Oh stop. Your voice is fine.

DAM said...

By the way, this was great!

Daniel Ridges said...

I listened to the podcast yesterday during my run.

I just want you to know, Betsy, that I am morally opposed to exercise in any form, but pressure from Karen and the goddamned new year (fucking calendars!)...

Anyway, that interview made my two-and-a-half miles fly by. Makes me want to enroll at the University of Chicago.

An aside: Guns and Roses is exactly what I'd imagine playing behind a conversation about you.