Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Don’t Know What The Title Should Be Here, I Only Know You Need To Know It

The other day I brought home a black and white cookie from Olivia’s Market, the only place I know of that sells them in Chicago. (I have a recipe from the Times, and I made them once, and they tasted okay, but not the same, and if you haven't ever had one, but had my homemade ones first, even if you happened to love them, you wouldn't really have any idea what the real thing was, and, if you haven't ever had one, you should go get one right now.) Anyway, when Ben got home, I said, “Hey, I brought you a treat.”
He said, “Is it astronaut ice cream?”


DAM said...

Did you feel like sending him to the moon after his question? ;-)

Matt said...

At least you both were somewhat on the same wavelength, just on the opposite ends. The black and white cookie selection was nice random and the astronaut ice cream guess was random random, so between randoms, you have a random connection.

/still working on the snack physics, obviously

B said...

They sell that cookie on North and Clybourn at a place called NY bagel(best bagels ever!!!!) and the cookie is delicious!!

Betsy said...

Yes, it was the randomness of his answer that amused me. I should have put random in the title. Ah, so the B&W is finally getting around here.