Friday, January 06, 2006

Everywhere Betsy

The other day Ben mentioned that he’d heard a band called Eight Inch Betsy, and I was reminded that at one point I was collecting a list of band names that had Betsy in them, proving what I’m not sure but probably my pet theory that Betsy was an irretrievably dated name that is now being used ironically. So this morning this led me to try to search band name databases, but I couldn’t find a free one, so the only other Betsy band names I could come up with were thus:
Bullocks to Betsy
Fire Up Betsy
(of course)
Heavens to Betsy
Betsy and the Boneshakers
and my favorites so far:
Betsy in the Gene Pool
BUT, in my search, I had one of those totally wonderful accidental childhood flashbacks, because it turns out that eight inch Betsy, I’m almost positive, is a reference to the size of a “Betsy McCall” doll, which I did not personally have, but I was an avid fan, for obvious reasons, of the Betsy McCall paper doll, and today is one of those rare days when I really really wish I had a color printer. Dig Betsy’s awesome a-line dresses. I had some just like those, in that era, and I’m pretty sure my mom made them. In fact, I bore a rather strong overall resemblance to Betsy McC if you figure in a little photoshop magic leg-chubbening.


megan said...

The only thing that's every had my name in it is a Garbage Pail kid.

Daniel Ridges said...

I DO have a color printer... I will be happy to mail color Betsy McCall anythings to you, if you want.

I am just that cool.

Betsy said...

Aw, thanks, Dan! My husband keeps trying to tell me that our photo printer will work as a color printer, if we put regular paper into it, but we haven't tried it yet.