Monday, January 30, 2006

A New Online Obsession

I blame my new favorite cousin I never knew I had for turning my passion for crafts into one more thing to poke around for hours on the web: craft websites. Who knew. Here are three to get you started:
little birds
a bird in the hand
angry chicken
If you look at the number of comments on these sites, they are VERY popular, unsurprising because everything is so painfully cute that I want to retire from writing to my craft career way before I turn 65. I did start a little felt owl last night that’s turning out pretty cute. Anyway, also I ordered this book, and if anyone out there reads Japanese, please be in touch, because I’m not sure what I was thinking about how I’d actually read the instructions. I just saw the patterns and had to have it.
Writing this, I think I figured it out, how to get all the writing/sewing/embroidery/collage/quilting/knitting/whatever projects done. I will quit sleeping.


carolyn said...

usually those books have really good drawings/diagrams/etc. and you don't need to figure out the actual text... even their knitting patterns are primarily done by diagram and the accompanying text turns out to be stuff you don't need to know.

p.s. i can send you some more links like the birds & chickens if you're looking for me, those are my primary reads. :)

tod goldberg said...

Not to be too overly Goldberg obsessed here, but my two sisters new book on crafts -- Visual Chronices -- sounds like something you might be interested in. there's info here:

I'm now going to listen to 32 minutes of you talking about stuff...

carolyn said...

here's one of my fave links jane at yarnstorm

knits, quilts, bakes. posts every day and from the UK so it's already up by the time i get up...

Betsy said...

Thanks, Tod and Carolyn, I will totally check those out! Carolyn - that's promising about the pattern books.