Monday, January 16, 2006

The Balance of Service

I think it’s off. Because when I go shopping in a small boutique, I am often swarmed by seven salespeople who, fashion sense or no, are rarely able to sense what I like or might look good in, or to intuit that I already have sixteen camisoles to go “with that.” At one store in particular where I have bought things on occasion, there is one salesperson who is very attractive, sort of like if a certain “asthmatic” starlet were thirty and back at her fighting weight, makes me so uncomfortable I kind of hardly ever even go in there anymore. Attention salespeople: if the zipper is two and a half inches long? I will not wear it because I prefer my butt to remain on the inside of my pants.
Why aren’t people like this where I need them, like at the grocery store? Yes, I go armed with a list, but the grocery store is a place where I might be open to suggestion. Can I help you find something in a root vegetable? Maybe, can you recommend an easy ten-minute root vegetable-based meal?


teo said...

10 minutes or less:

heat skillet to medium-high
some olive oil
chopped clove of garlic
half an onion
half a green pepper
any combo of broccoli, zucchini, carrot, yellow squash, etc.
some soy sauce over the top.

cook it hot and fast, stirring frequently

fast, tasty, healthy stir fry veggies. still got crunch, still got flavor.


Betsy said...

Thanks, T!

jackie said...

Go ask Ellie. She just loves sweet potatoes. She will eat some and then tuck others under her highchair. Maybe for later. Maybe for a rainy day. Maybe to share with a kitty. I am certain she'll have a good rec for ya.

Oh yeah, and while I am at it...I did the quit-my-job-without-having-another-one-lined-up-yet thing today. Go, me:P

Betsy said...


DAM said...

I think I'm the sole person who still calls a grocery store a market. Well, our Brady Bunch friend does too. We actually discussed that. (Briefly. I mean how much convo can you squeeze out of grocery store vs. market?)