Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rock School the Movie

Is a totally fun rental but also one of those fascinating character portraits because the guy who runs the school is… well he says fuck to the kids a lot. He says fuck at the kids a lot. Beyond inappropriately. Except it kind of works. Except he’s kind of funny in that way that he’ll say anything to be funny and sometimes he is and sometimes he’s really not but you laugh anyway. Except they will probably need to include him alongside their parents when they go to therapy later. Because it’s like the Rock School of Fun Dysfunction. A couple of the kids are especially good, and my favorites are these twin boys, Tucker and Asa. Tucker has long blond hair and plays the drums with a tie on and closes his eyes when he drums. Asa has a mohawk. I LOVE long hair on little boys. I love it. I totally want twin boys who have long hair and a mohawk.

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