Monday, July 18, 2005

The Yes Men

The Yes Men

We also watched this wild documentary this weekend called The Yes Men, about these guys who basically impersonate members of the WTO at big conferences and make these outrageous proposals and statements, which for the most part, no one seems to notice. One involved one of them wearing a breakaway business suit, underneath which was a “leisure suit” made of gold spandex with a giant inflatable phallus in front with a TV screen to monitor employees. And they use made up names like Hank Hardy Unruh and Granwyth Hulatberi and Kinnithrung Sprat, and still no one seems to think anything of it.

Needless to say, Granwyth Hulatberi and Hank Hardy Unruh have been in my head ever since. (See June archives: Dob Snib.)

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Anonymous said...

We watched this tonight and then I've been googling to read more about the yes men. Some parts of the movie were hysterical, particularly the obliviousness of the audience.

I was glad, though, to see the college kids tell him to piss off.