Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I have to direct you over to Tod's blog right now because he has discovered my freaky likeness to a certain rock star.

I'm cuter of course, but whatever. I have to concede the resemblance.


kfoz said...

I've met that rock star twice. He's a very nice guy. Once was after a show with Soul Asylum when a friend of a friend was handling keyboards for them. (Handling is when you play keyboards but aren't a real official member of the band. I love words like that.)

Then sometime later I gave a reading in Minneapolis and he came in at the end.

And now...apparently he lives in my new neighborhood in New Orleans. And has a baby.

kfoz said... I thinking of you?

Betsy said...

No, it wasn't me, although I have admitted we've never been spotted together.

Ken, you have a secret life hanging with rock stars, I think!

mernitman said...

Cuter, yes, and chances are, you write better lyrics.

Betsy said...

Thanks. My lyrics suck as bad as my poetry. Which is too bad, because I could rock, if I wanted to.