Monday, July 25, 2005

All Kinds of Wrong

I’m all about whatever floats your boat romantically, unless it’s a man over twice your age. That chick from Charmed who used to go out with Marilyn Manson? The one who once wore that dress that wasn’t much of a dress that was made out of beads or something that showed her whole butt and everything else? She’s dating Al Pacino.


Daniel Ridges said...

I remember her well... Very well.

Al Pacino? Ew.

Betsy said...

Hard to forget. And I'm all for age differences... within reason.

Apparently, though, my conclusion from this is that men, no matter their age, are always horny.

jackie said...

Reminds me of this ANNOYING couple that sat near me in the ER last week. I swear I thought it was a father/daughter team, but I don't think the way they were intertwined would be allowed by blood relatives this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Betsy said...


Teodoro Callate said...

I don't know which Charmed chick you are talking about...but hasn't Al Pacino been going out with the Vacation lady for like, 20 years? Can't remember her name. She was actually in a very good movie a couple years ago. I think she was also the mom in American History X. Name eludes me. But she was Pacino's sqeeze for a long, long time. Sad to hear they split.

Doesn't have quite the same panache as TomKat or AshDem or AngelBrad, does it?

Is it Beverly D'Angelo?

I'm having a conversation all by myself, aren't I?

Betsy said...

Rose Mcmacmagowan.

Yes, Beverley D'Angelo is the Vacation mom. No, they broke up, I dunno when.