Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is my own fault

I canceled my longstanding subscription to TV Guide a few months ago because, well, I have a magazine problem and I needed to cut back. It's been a difficult time. I miss shows regularly. I have to rely on my... memory. Which was never good, not even for celebrity trivia, in spite of what it may seem. A year from now, I will say, Lindsay Who?

As a result, TV Guide is reformatting, going from digest size to regular size, and featuring listings only for the east and west coasts (proving once and for all that people in entertainment believe nothing exists inbetween), with more focus on I don't know what really. They are saying it's supposedly because TV Guide is obsolete with all the cable channels that have listings and such. Note to TV Guide: we don't all have cable. But whatever, I lost my chance to complain. I hoped to resubscribe at some point. My father will be inconsolable, I'm sure.

Anyway, I know the real reason. It's because of me.


B said...

I have a problem too.

I love magazines. Quite obsessed actaully.

My favorite airline just sent me this promotion use some of your miles to get subscriptions to these magazines(they had a list of like fourty)

I subscribed to twenty five of them... I KNOW! But they are so pretty.


Betsy said...

Whoa! That's more than me, even!