Friday, July 01, 2005


Yes, I am very interested in the resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

But I am interested in hearing about it at eleven am this morning, not right now, instead of TOM CRUISE and Dakota Fanning on The View.

Not that I'm ever interested in hearing it from the particular person who preempted Tom's wacky antics of the day.


Philicity Collins said...

Doot Doot Doodio. Whoa ho!
There is no restraint.
F. Taint

B said...

just wanted to say that I am re-reading your book again( i do that with ones I love and admire) and I am soooo falling in love with you(the way a person can fall in love with a type of flower way--no worries!)

you are just so talented!

Anonymous said...

Really, I am flattered. Truly.
The simple fact is that I expect nothing less. Yes, my talent is tremendous. This is unvarnished truth that distinguishes Felicity from the tainted.

F. Twain

Daniel Ridges said...

I just want to take this opportunity to say that my iPod is racist. In random mode, whenever a Kanye West song is played, "In the Jailhouse Now" by the Soggy Bottom Boys immediately follows.

'sup with that?

kfoz said...

I think the iPod problem has something to do with Tom Cruise...

DAM said...

I'm reeeeally worried about Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation. All I can say is that we should all lock our doors or our homes could be seized.

Double lock the bedroom door in case they break down the front door. The gov't really wants in.

Pray about it. The gov't would love that.

(Did you see that Tom bought Katie a 5 carat ring? I think he got the money for it with the kickbacks from the vitamin companies.)

Betsy said...

Ha! This is a wonderful all-over-the-place conversation - blogger seems to be forgetting to email me posts so I had no idea these were here!
And thanks, Byron, you are so sweet!!!