Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is Asshat the New Fucktard?

With all due respect to Tod Goldberg, in the case of Asshat v. Fucktard, it may very well be at least a tie. Please read Megan Stielstra's new story to decide. It involves speed dating, Foo Fighters, and Tone Loc.

P.S. Sue and Liz rule Chicago.


DAM said...

As grey was once the new black, asshat is the new fucktard. Well, it is in my lexicon. I think asshat is groovy, which, if you recall, is the new "cool." Again, in my lexicon.

I don't know Megan (is she a friend of yours?), but the story is a great, fun read. A much needed laugh on a difficult day. Thanks for the link.

jackie said...

Whyfore Sue and Liz rule Chicago? They are about the farthest things. From fucktard and asshat that I can think of.

I know there is a punctuation error but I could not bear to use them all in the same sentence.

Betsy said...

Megan is my friend, yes, glad you liked her story - asshat is pretty unbeatable, but fucktard has its place.

Sue and Liz rule Chicago because I saw them yesterday and I never see anyone. Not related to ah or fus in any way.