Friday, July 15, 2005

Single Wife - The Movie

Dear The Guy Who's Writing The Screenplay of My Best Friend Nina's book,

Please note that the character of Chloe should be extraordinarily beautiful, very tall and thin, and that my casting suggestions include Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta Jones, and that girl who goes out with Jude Law.

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Crane

PS I would be happy to act as a special consultant should you need help with the finer details and nuances of this character.


B said...

also, dear guy or girl who is writing the screenplay for this book(being elizabeth's friend and all) please consider me for a role of a young man in your film. I promise I will stop eating ice cream and will be nice to cameron diaz if you decide to give her the role--since she is dating justin timberlake--sigh. also, could you also make sure i get a bigger dressing room than the supposed possible cameron diaz's...I just think that would make her jealous and make us even.

thank you!

kfoz said...

I may have to buy this book just so I can learn more about "Chloe".

Betsy said...

There are actually a few parts for young men in the Chloe scenes, Byron, so hang in.

Chloe is an extremely smart artsy type with fabulous personal style who lives in Chicago and is basically the voice of reason for the single wife character of the title.

Daniel Ridges said...

I would go as far, maybe, to say that Chloe has an almost Global Lifestyle personal style? Eh? Eh?

But fabulous nonetheless.

On a side note, I accidentally typed "Blogal" instead of Global at first... What do y'all think that means?

I feel like I am way ahead of Tommy Hilfiger, now. Quick! Someone get me some kind of fabric! I'm feeling inspired!