Friday, July 22, 2005

That 70s Blonde

I once loved That 70s Show. Goofy as it is, that was my era and they have it down. I swear to god I have seen both Donna and Jackie in outfits that could only have come from my closet, and frankly it disturbs me that the costumers had access to these items without my knowledge. But ever since Donna became a blonde, I have not been able to watch. I’m not sure I have any kind of reasonable explanation except for it hits me in the gut as being so wrong as to be unwatchable.


B said...

Now, this is no dis(not that it should be) at all, because I thought she was beautfiful...i saw Annie Hall in the park the other day...

has anyone told you that you like a much more beauitful Diane Keaton?

I think so.

B said...

Diane Keaton in her younger years, of course...not don't resemble her now at all...Annie Hall circa 1977

Betsy said...

Thanks, Byron! I did hear that a lot back in the 70s and at the time I didn't appreciate it cuz I thought it meant I was flaky. But I now adore her. Did you see her last movie? She was hot!

jackie said...

Diane Keaton, plus my brother in law thinks you look like Michelle Pfeiffer.


That 70's Show Exclamation Point jumped the shark pretty much when they all graduated high school. Before that, I would have SO loved to be in Foreman's basement, getting stoned and playing "Hide the Wookie" with Topher Grace.

Speaking of hot, Josh Meyers will be Donna's love interest next season. In real life, Donna is Laura Prepon and she lives with Christopher Kennedy Masterson, who plays Francis on "Malcolm in the Middle". Who is, in real life, the brother of Danny Masterson -- Hyde on That 70's Show Exclamation Point.

And so it comes full-circle.