Monday, September 12, 2005


I didn’t know what to say about it, not that I haven’t already said somewhere, anyway. So I’ll add only that I thought about it, the people lost and the people gained, as I do many other days. That’s pretty much all I have.

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Teodoro Callate said...

Of course I thought about it, too...where I was, who I was, where I lived, etc...

Everything is so completely different now (and I'm talking on a personal level), and that date has become larger than a cultural marker. It was so big I think it's a personal marker for many (all?) of us.

As horrifying as the day was, my own life is currently far better than before, on, or shortly after that day. Of course, I'm trying to say something with depth in a space that is too small to do the idea justice. So I'd never want that day back to get to where I am now. But we can't turn back time...we just try to be better people and make better personal and social decisions in the wake of catastrophe, and if we end up "better", then we can find some light amid all that terrible darkness.


(or am I being way too vague in such a short space?)