Monday, September 12, 2005

But Since I’m Already Soupy

I had this feeling even more strongly after watching Born Into Brothels, the documentary about these kids in Calcutta being raised in a, um, brothel. This woman came and got to know them and taught them photography and each one of them took amazing photos; this one twelve year old boy in particular was quite obviously gifted, not to mention being an incredible sage, if you ask me. The conditions in the brothel were needless to say beyond horrible, and some of the parents were verbally and physically abusive and it seemed pretty obvious that the girls were all destined to become prostitutes as well. Nevertheless, they were such unbelievably normal kids, they picked on each other, they felt sad about their lives, they were all pretty wise to what was going on and wished it were different but knew it probably wouldn’t be, and more than anything, they had what I perceived to be these incredibly joyful spirits. Not one of the adults seemed to have what they had, so you can only guess that it was a matter of time before that was gone, but you finish watching this movie just hoping even one of the kids will get a chance to get an education and get out.

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B said...

That woman that taught them photography might have been Mary Ellen Mark...she is amazing/phenomenal/kinda bitchy photographer that has work that just floors you. Check out her

The series she did was brothels...she used a certain type of film to give it a glittery effect(a slide film that is only used to make slides, now, and not prints--the chemicals to make prints are too deathly) and they are tastey to look at.

I had the luck to work with her at the Museum of Contemp. Photography. It was her twins work that she was most known for at that opening--but her older work is just fantastic.

Check her out!