Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Want My Placement to be Exquisite

Ben and I watched a documentary last night called How To Draw A Bunny about the life of this artist Ray Johnson, whose stuff is totally up my alley, what I'd want to do if I were that kind of artist, what I try to do when I dabble but never feel satisfied with. He was a collagist and a performance artist, and also sort of a mail-artist, and he had a pretty out-there personality I guess, and one of the things I admired about him was his seeming lack of need to be approved and/or accepted by the mainstream art world, although in a certain sense he was very much in it insofar as many of his friends were famous artists. He just didn't really see huge profits from it. Anyway one of the people talking about him said "His placement is just exquisite." Which is exactly why I'm a writer. Because in collage world, in addition to issues with glue, my placement is never quite right.

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