Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Willful Creatures

I keep forgetting to mention that I finished Aimee Bender’s new collection of stories last week, Willful Creatures. Bender is one of my favorite writers, but there’s not much I can say except there’s one story called “Motherfucker” (about a guy who only fucks people who are… mothers) which has such a gorgeous ending it’s worth the price of the book for this story alone.


mernitman said...

Love Aimee and know her (from UCLA), just about to start the new one, but I've been waylaid by another post-magic realist-- and I know I'm late to this party-- Kelly Link: Good Lord How Good!!!
Are you a fan?

Betsy said...

I've read and liked just a few of her stories and I've heard the new book is great. I'm late to every metaphorical party. Real parties? Pitifully unfashionably on time.