Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I also forgot to mention that my brother Mark has a new puppy and they call him Mr. Tibbs. Mr. Tibbs is a “puggle” which is apparently part pug part beagle, but I keep calling him a muggle. Either way? He’s very cute, and he, like all pets that come to Mt. Pleasant, naturally gravitates toward my dad, who is the least overtly pet-friendly person, but who, I think it is plain to see, emits some silent critter love that is only perceptible to the critters.


Teodoro Callate said...

Silent Critter Love.

Yet another sublime band name from standby bert.

Betsy said...


megan said...

I know Ken Foster (hooray, he and his puppies are safe! And this past week I've learned more from his blog than from any media outlet, that's for sure!) and I have hashed this out in your comment section, but the whole What is Mojo question has been answered. We've known he's a pit bill mix, but the "mix" part is now for sure: Shiba Enu.

If Pug+beagle=puggle,
than pit bull+shiba enu=pita enu=Mojo.

Teodoro Callate said...

If you think about it, Puggle, Muggle, and Pita Enu are also quality band name suggestions.

And believe me, I've been in enough badly-named bands to know.

Betsy said...

I'll sing backup.

I'm glad you've been following Ken's blogs - it has been enlightening.

jackie said...

Unlike my dad, who emits both a covert and overt dislike of pets. Regardless, they couldn't flock to him harder if he put kibble in his pants cuffs.

I don't think he hates animals per se, he is obsessively tidy. The idea of dander or slobber makes him want to seal himself in a cryogenic bubble. You can imagine his reaction toward picking up poo with a plastic bag on his hand, or having a box of poo in his house at any given time.

Still. It's funny to watch. (to animal seeking to be petted or preparing to jump on his lap) "Daaaawn't even THINK about it!!"

DAM said...

I was bitten by a dog last week. :-( I love dogs. I never pet them without the permission of their owners. The guy told me to put out my hand to let the pup smell me. (I already knew that, but OK.) He said the dog liked me and that I should go ahead and pet him. Apparently, he didn't like me.

megan said...

In a situation like that, Dam, I'd bite the owner.