Monday, September 19, 2005

Everything I Know About Relationships I Learned From My Husband, or: The Federlines and Us, Part 2

Yesterday the Brandts and the Federlines celebrated their first wedding anniversary. The Federlines of course, have a brand-new baby, which the Brandts do not. But we have decided on a name if we ever have a boy: Arndt. Arndt Brandt. No? Well, anyway, we had a wonderful day, starting with breakfast at the Bongo Room, Ben had Eggs Benedict and I had Lobster Eggs Benedict, aka Butterfest 2005, and I had cake and brownies for dinner, finishing off any hope I might have had of staying under my points limit for the day (which I think was maybe two bites of the lobster and none of the benedict, but I’m back on today and at least I can fit into my Levi’s now). We went to see the new Redmoon show, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, the one that was all but completely overhauled because of it’s eerie resemblance to Katrina, with a submerged house and service station for a set, which was completely engaging as always and a pretty impressive example of “the show must go on.” Ben gave me a painting he made that made me cry and I gave him an embroidery and I realized that having come into this relationship with virtually no qualifications whatsoever for the job, I have gotten extremely good on-the-job training from Ben, who shows me every day the kind of patience, tolerance, humor and love that I only hope I give him a fraction of in return. (Well, okay I hope I give him more, the point is if I only do give him a fraction of it, it’s a lot because he gives me so much, see.)


a waitress at the Bongo Room said...

The lobster benedict is actually Butterfest 2004. Butterfest 2005 will be unveiled when we switch to the winter menu at the end of October. The chef guards his secrets carefully, but I've heard whispers of a chocolate-bread-potato benedict on a croissant.

megan said...

uhm, the fact that you share an anniversary with Britney and K-Fed is SOOOOOO COOOOLLL!

jackie said...

Sheesh. I am certain almost to an atom that Patrick is more benevolent, intelligent, patient and healthy than I deserve. So it's helpful to know that, in this context, if I give him a small part of what he's given me, it's beaucoup d'amour.

Betsy said...


trixiebelle said...

A wordy Brit lass said......Sheesh? Uhm? Aww? Who said Americans couldn't write? And what's this about 'healthy' as a quality of character? Jackie said "I am certain almost to an atom that Patrick is more benevolent, intelligent, patient and healthy than I deserve." Goodness me.... we Brits have a lot to catch up on in terms of developing our range of expression and our lack of proper respect and admiration for the health of our partners, wouldn't you say? What if the object of our approbation and regard gets ill? NB we dont say 'sick' here, 'sick' is tangible vomit - ie when it's on the carpet or in the toilet bowl.. do you even say toilet? I'm not sure.
But hey, (as you would say over there to gain attention) or 'Hello?' the emotion of Elizabeth and Jackies' words is clear and lovely - yes we love our husbands. In my case he is all that Jackie's Patrick is! BUT I haven't had him checked out by a doctor recently (physician to you) and he is Ben without the engagingly dear artistic talent.
Lucky lucky people and SOOOO healthy!! Is that mental or physical by the way - see, I am worrying already!!!! He is on the Atkins diet, does that count toward his HQ ( Health Quotient - like IQ but less culturally divisive). Read,love,live, enjoy!

Betsy said...

Welcome, Trixie! And thanks for your sweet comments. You seem plenty expressive to me, and lucky too.
Yes, we say toilet. Quite often.