Friday, February 03, 2006

Who I Want To Be President

I can’t think of even one person I’m aware of in actual existence who I want for president, but I think he should have these features:
He must be very very very smart, almost omniscient in how much he knows about what’s going on in every last corner of the world.
He must not have a comb-over. He can be bald.
He should believe what I believe.
No lying to me, ever.
He cannot have the power to be invisible, but he could have the ability to fly.
He should listen a lot.
He should not come on TV when Oprah’s kicking someone’s butt or if someone is jumping on her couch.


ed said...

Perhaps we'd be better off with a "she."

Daniel Ridges said...

Barack Obama, 2012!!!!

Betsy said...

She would be good, but I have next to no faith I'll live to see that. Barack, I'll go for.