Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wee-yotch, Or: Could The CW Possibly Be What the WB Is Now?, Or: Why I Love Ben, Part Ninety-Eight Bajillion

Last night there wasn’t much on TV I was committed to while I sewed a little dog out of felt, and I did some channel-hopping with a focus on “Final Destination 2”. Mind you I hadn’t seen Final Destinaton 1, but whatever. I’m fairly bright. I figured I’d catch on, and I was right – the characters explain the entire first movie in one scene in which I was almost sure they’d slip and actually say “In the first movie…” So anyway, it was predictably ridiculous, albeit with a few chuckles, not the least of which, for me, was the dubbing in of “wee-yotch” to replace “bee-yotch.” I realize that bee-yotch is slang for bitch, but aren’t they saying both bitch and beeyotch on TV these days? I’m sure the only reason I know the word beeyotch is because of TV. I know beeyotch is a slang word, but weeyotch isn’t a word at all.
Anyway, so Ben comes home and I confess I watched “a cheesy movie” and he asks which one and I tell him Final Destination 2 and he says, “Oh, I totally wanted to see that!” And I look at him and say, “Did you see Final Destination 1?” and he says, “No,” like, what’s your point, Betsy, and that is why I love him part sixty-five matrillion or whatever.

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P said...

I love it when they have endless sequels for cheesy movies. Like Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - thank God for the sequel, now we can resolve all of those unanswered questions from the first one! Those loose ends were driving me nuts!

Sorry for all of the exclamation points, overcaffeinated here.....:)