Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reaching for the Stars

Okay kids, well, I hoped to have posted 365 times in 365 days, but as my blog-versary approaches next week, I fear I am not going to come up with 35 more without your help. So, if you have a minute, please post suggestions about topics you might like to see me post, um, a sentence or two on before February 8.


megan said...

Ten things for Betsy to blog about by Megan and Christopher

1. Spit
2. Cereal. Or favorite soup (this one is Christopher's)
3. Who you want to be president
4. How much you want a dog
5. Where were you exactly ten years ago right now
6. Your dreams
7. Some multi-media. Like photos or film
8. tools you cannot live without
9. Not hockey (that was Christopher's)
10. All the places you have been

.25 life crisis kid said...

Hi Betsy!

Just wanted to tell you my new blog is up...with a new direction(you know me, we shared pancakes at the bongo room for my birthday and share the same passion for chocolate crowns on the top of them!) wink.


nicolette k said...

here's something i do when i'm stumped about what ti write. i put on some music (idealy a playlist on the computer on random, that way there's a nice variety of songs), and you write about moments you've had or memories associated with every song (pause if need be, skip if need be). just a thought, maybe you'd like to try it.

nicolette k said...

*that's to up there, not "ti"

teo said...

definitely some pics. maybe of your favorite shoes or something. or of a spoon that holds an oven together. or a google satelite photo of your favorite intersection with a story about it. and a nifty sentence that will preview your next bestseller. and your reaction to eating homemade meatballs. favorite color/flavor popsicle. ben's art. ben's music.


Matt said...

Hmmmm....I'm afraid the right side of my brain is somewhat on the fritz tonight, but....

--A Preview of your 2009 National Book Award Speech

--Irrational fears you've outgrown

--Your first winter in Chicago

--Your best experience as a teacher

--Fortune Cookie sayings you would like to see

--Artists you have discovered because of your relationship with Ben

--The continuing appeal of Paris Hilton

--Books/Writers that give you a guilty pleasure reading

/ugh...not happening tonight

//going to bed

Khalil A. said...

How cool is a writer's life?

B. E. Pinkham said...

1.Your irrational prejudices (such as against people who use a particular word.)
2. Your rational prejudices that still make you uncomfortable (for instance: My prejudice against urban drivers of big SUV's is common enough...but, but...really seems, in the big scheme, petty.)
3. Links to favorite websites/blogs with enticing blurbs.

carolyn said...

your pet peeves in grammar.

your pet peeves in boyfriends.

your pet peeves in coworkers.

i could go on and on with those suggestions - all i've got are peeves!!!

how about the proust questions: your favorite curse word? a sound you love? a sound you hate?

Betsy said...

Thanks, Carolyn! I don't have any more boyfriends or even co-workers, but I'll do my best to cover the rest.

Betsy said...

Khalil - very.