Saturday, February 04, 2006

Prejudice # 2: Completely Rational

There is simply way too much mixing of foods and food products these days. I am especially wary of sweet and savory things mixed, like any sort of fruit bagel or pineapple on pizza. And nuts are all well and good, but they should only mix with themselves. They should not try to infiltrate anything sweet, not around me. Except for Reese’s peanut butter cups, a rare example of two great tastes in one.


teo said...

Thai cucumber salad that has that sugary syrup but the bits of onion, cilantro, and jalepeno in it?

OO! The mangos with cayenne pepper in the summertime from the street vendors! Yeah!

One last one that is sure to be a universal: Planters Klondike bars. Salty peanuts with a little caramel in the chocolate of a Klondike bar. If you haven't had 'em, be careful, cause you end up eating all six Klondikes in a couple hours as a direct result of the simultaneous salt and sweet.

Betsy said...

Ok, I like that salad.

carolyn said...

reese's peanut butter cups are my dessert island food. take away everything else, but take those away and i might as well be dead! in fact, i think i'll have one right now!

p.s. can you imagine being allergic to peanut butter? oh the horror.