Monday, August 08, 2005

The Women of Local Access TV

There are a bunch of different craft shows on every day; everything from quilting, all kinds of needlework, scrapbooking, and general “let’s decorate a lamp with shells” kind of stuff.

As a crafty-type person, occasionally I learn something, even if it’s just a matter of technique, and I check in on these shows fairly regularly although I rarely watch them from beginning to end, and I could not tell you any of their names or the names of their shows. But mainly, I love these shows because although the crafts are for the most part fairly typical (except for the quilts, which are often quite nice), these women are utterly earnest. They enjoy what they do and they enjoy sharing what they do and they are refreshingly sincere. I think sincerity is underrated. And frankly, I think that anything sincere these days is worth praising.


jackie said...

My friend Marnie refers to the tendency for hipster types to make fun of anything middle-America craftsy as "art school damage".

I too enjoy the Channel 20 artsy-craftsy shows, when I watched 'em.

B said...

I love craft shows! There is this woman named Carol Devaull and she has a nifty little craft's adorable!!

Betsy said...

Art school damage is pretty good. Yesterday this guy was teaching watercolors and he made all these noises every time he'd move the paint around - zhoop zhoop whoo whoo - and he ended his show with "Be kind to each other!"