Sunday, August 21, 2005

I Have Returned to the Blogosphere

I had a jam-packed week with my fourteen-year-old cousin Dana, who I will not write about too much because she is a teenager and although she is a ridiculously well-adjusted, smart, funny, interesting and sensible young woman, I do not wish to subject her to any embarrassment on behalf of her eccentric cousin the bougie boho writer lady and her band of merry bloggers.

But I will tell you what we did:
Monday we saw my friend Adam read at Quimby’s. He’s gonna be a rock star soon, I’m pretty sure.
Tuesday we drove around Northwestern and ate lunch at the Bongo Room. Megan gave us a banana heath-bar pancake, which is not on my diet.
Wednesday we saw Aretha Franklin at Ravinia for Megan’s birthday and it was not the nightmare that was Folds/Wainwright, but there were two large drunk guys on the train out and Dana said that they should show a movie of those two guys in high schools to scare people off drinking.
Thursday we went down to Millennium Park but it rained before we got to Grant Park so we went to lunch and went to Field’s. We tried to go see a play but a lady fell out of the audience and the show was canceled so we watched Freaks and Geeks instead.
Friday we drove around U of C and ate at Irazu and watched more Freaks and Geeks. (I told her this is what the cool people in Chicago do… no I didn’t – but dang, that show does not get tired for me. It still crushes me that it got canceled so quickly.)
Saturday we watched Redmoon rehearse their new show and went to the Smart museum and drove around and ordered pizza and actually did see a play that seemed more like performance art than anything – it seemed very Sprockets to me. And Dana said, “And it was a little too dark.” Which we all knew she meant more literally than figuratively, although it was that too. It was you couldn’t see their faces dark.
This morning we ate at Flo and then sent Dana home. On a plane.
A couple of times I actually cooked dinner.
And some other stuff, and she also wandered around on her own and did stuff. There was more stuff.

Now I am way behind on work of miscellaneous kinds, so I may be a bit absent this week again.


Teodoro Callate said...

Gotta say, that sounds like a grrreat week. Good for you. Now start blogging again!


(DOH! an emoticon.)

P.S. Aretha. Talk to me.

B said...


Betsy said...

Aretha was great - she's a bit eccentric I think - but I'd forgotten some of her songs were even hers, like that stalkery song "I'm gonna knock on your door, rap on your win-dow-pane!"

Dinner around here is: turkey loaf, burgers, spaghetti, sometimes fish, and salad. I have also almost perfected white rice.