Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not My Favorite Mistakes

All too often, I turn on the TV only to be jolted by the sight of the familiar face of someone I once dated. Even worse is when I’m in another room and I hear the unmistakable voice of one of them in the other room, not quite realizing that the TV is even on. This is probably something you get used to if you're Jennifer Aniston, but I am not she. Still, living in New York for as long as I did, the odds are that you’re going to date some actors, although somehow Nina managed to escape this fate, so maybe I have no excuse. None of the ones in my past are particularly well-known, but many of them work often, and turn up with some frequency on shows like Law and Order and Prison Break, which frankly, is no small irony. It would be different if I could go around saying, “Yeah, me and Clooney used to date, that’s right, movie star and ER’s Doctor Ross,” and, “No, I broke up with him.” More like, “Um, yeah, I used to know him,” about the child-killer on Law and Order: SVU or one of the craggy gang leaders on Prison Break. I suppose I should be grateful none of them have turned up on Elimidate. I’m just saying, most of us have the option of burning anything ex-related or at least mentally blocking out our mistakes if we so choose. I will say this though, watching these shows with my sweetie next to me, damned if I’m not even more grateful than I already am to be out of that game.


B said...

Once I dated an actor...he was/is pretty determined.

I always thought it would be so funny to be all like:

"HA! That guy used to spoon me while we watched Friends Reruns."

If he makes it big, I will still say that.

DAM said...

Sort of similar, but not, but similar enough to reply to the post.

I ended a relationship with a therapist. Wait, that's not right. I terminated therapy. That's it. No easy feat. A few days later I heard his voice in my bedroom. WTF? He was on TV! I felt he was haunting me.

Sadly, I can't watch this sort of thing with my new therapist next to me. First, I'm not in therapy. Second, it *might* cross boundaries. Ya' think?

Betsy said...

Ha to both of you! And Debra, that would haunt me too!