Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Been glued to the TV for the last few days trying to wrap my mind around what's going on down South. I was telling Ben, you know, you see these pictures and you know it's bad, but at the same time, when all you see is a bunch of debris for miles around, on TV, I know you can only get the barest idea of what was there before, that they were homes. Some of you know that I lived in Baton Rouge in my early years, and although I have only the blurriest of memories of that time, I have been reminded often that we survived Hurricane Betsy. Think of all the jokes you can, and then remember that I was there, and I was a temper tantrum-throwing four year old, and that my parents have already made them.

Anyway, our friend Ken, who some of you know here as "kfoz" got out of New Orleans (with all his dogs and one change of clothes) safely, but as they are reporting it now, that city may stay evacuated for weeks. Keep him in your thoughts if you will.


jackie said...

I did not know you were a Southern belle in your early days. I thought it was just for the sake of your narratives:^)

I got my .02 posted at my own blog. Patrick had to talk me into eating dinner and sleeping last night as I was so compelled by the online footage and reports.

B said...

There was a tropical storm Byron, once.

Basically it blew a few roofs off and then took out leaving the hottest weather Florida had experienced in years(I researched it!)

That sounds just like me.

Full of hot air.