Friday, August 26, 2005

Movie Star Eats Orange!

Okay, I think we can all agree it’s time for a little appearance by Tom Cruise when the best celebrity news we’re getting is that Heath Ledger peeled and ate an orange during an interview, thus leading to the conclusion that Heath Ledger Acts Strange, because he also (gasp!) wiped his hands on his pants. Which leads me to believe only that Heath Ledger Was Hungry


Teodoro Callate said...

Like Heath, I have wiped my hands on my pants. Haven't we all?

Like Tom, I have said strange things. Haven't we all?

Like Dave Navarro, I...nope, there's nothing at all like me and Dave Navarro. Though, despite standy_bert's stance against Dave, I wish there were.

DAM said...

I'm definitely a wiper-on-the-pants person.

Lide Tom, I've said some weird things. Unlike Tom, I'm rooted in reality, at least according to a nuber of certified therapists that Tom wouldn't acknowledge as credible.

I love Dave. He's my new crush. Something about his eyes...ahhh. I'm not anything like him, but I'd like to be like Carmen Electra.

DAM said...

"Movie Star Eats Orange!"

Write has multiple typos. :-( Lide = Like. nuber = number. Me = ???

DAM said...

OMG, did it again.

Write = Writer

What's with omitting letters today? Guess I'm not in the mood to write. Maybe I'm not capable of writing today. Yeah, that's it. I don't have to work today. It wouldn't be produtive. (Tee Hee)

B said...

Byron eats a banana!

Teodoro Callate said...

You know, I'm kinda hungry, too. Me and Heath. We get hungry. We are very alike.

jackie said...

If Heath had given his orange to Mary-Kate Olsen, they'd both be able to stay out of the news.

Betsy said...

I too, have been known both to eat, and to wipe my hands on my pants as well... and yet, here I still toil in relative obscurity. Debra, have you been watching Rock Star INXS??? Oh, right, that's me.