Friday, August 12, 2005

Closed Captioning Brought to you by...

Beavis and Butthead?

Last night I had the TV on mute and when I looked up some businessman had a caption underneath him reading, "We've had a few attempts at corporate he is pee."


B said...


my mom didn't allow me to EVER watch that show(beavis and butthead) because she was afraid that I would start laughing like them--not that they swear alot, not that they do stuuuupid things, just that she hated the sound of their laugh.

Secretly, though, I watched it when she wasn't looking...that show was sooooo bad.

But b&b that is GOOD TV!

Betsy said...

I hope it was clear that this was a news broadcast. I notice mistakes often, but not one quite this entertaining. B&B's laugh was super annoying, I can understand. huhuhuhuhuhu-u-u-u-u