Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tasting the Nerds

Last night Ben and I went to see Broken Flowers which was pretty great and I brought a bunch of candy from the grocery store so we wouldn’t have to spend an extra ten bucks. Generally I alternate between a few candies at the movies: Sno-Caps have been a longtime favorite, as have Junior Mints, Twizzlers and Spree, and in the last few years I’ve expanded into Skittles (Original, Rainbow and Tropical!) and Chewy Spree. This time I got a few things I haven’t had for a long time: SweetTarts, Nerds, and Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip. (This might be the time to mention to those of you thinking about it that yes, I am still on Weight Watchers, except when I go to the movies or when Megan buys me a pancake at the Bongo Room.) Anyway, I was mostly focusing on the SweetTarts, which didn’t disappoint, but later I thought, Hm, I should at least taste the Nerds. And my next thought was, That is a very weird phrase: Taste the Nerds. It should probably be a band name. The Nerds were very tasty indeed, pretty much nothing more than tiny bits of the candy shell on any sort of coated candy, if you’ve never had them, with a little bit of powder inside. Next time I have to try the Nerds Rope. Oh yeah.


B said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the mission impossiblesque feeling of sneaking stuff into the movies. I always take my coat and fold it over my arm with the package of licorice hidden underneath. I hide my bottled water in my pocket(if I am not wearing my Diesel Jeans) and then I hide my gronola bars in my other pocket.

Ew. I just said gronola and licorice in the same paragraph. That's depressing.

Betsy said...

Well, granola and licorice is no weirder than Diet Coke with all my candy.

DAM said...

If it's not Sno-Caps or Raisinets, it's just not the movies. Oh, and Good'n Plenty, which is great any ol' time.