Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Six Feet Under

Also like. I finally watched the end, and I won’t spoil too much (that hadn’t already been spoiled for me, anyway) but a few of the last few episodes before the final one were really great, particularly with David and Keith and the kids. David totally became my favorite over time. Anyway, we’ve had our bunches of loss over here, so after watching these episodes I told Ben if I go first I wanted to be cremated and I want a real funeral, I want people to get up and talk and tell the truth and cry and then you can go laugh afterward at the house or whatever but I honestly think services are an important part of the grief process. I think I brought him down a little bit. But I have no immediate plans to go anywhere.


carolyn said...

i'm sure that is a scary thing to hear as a husband as i know it freaks the hell out of me when my mom talks about stuff like that and as a spinster my parents are the closest thing i have to a husband.

so for ben's sake, yo, just write it on the blog and maybe don't mention it to him for a while! ben - i'm looking out for you! :)

(just teasing!)

Betsy said...

I am so sure you're not a spinster. What are you, like thirty?

hutchie said...

i'm a diehard (no pun intended) six feet under fan. i loved the whole last season. i wish it were in novel form, the writing's so beautiful. when i grow up i want to be frances conroy. or i'd settle for patricia clarkson. i could talk about that series all day, and would love to discuss it with you sometime. preferably at our country house while berry-picking.

and yes, that's quite enough "betsy's funeral" talk, thank you very much.