Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I’m going to be on it! Like, regularly! Amy Krouse Rosenthal, she of the awesome Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, has invited me to be a regular (“VIP”, her words) contributor to the new Writer’s Block Party on WBEZ, which will air on a more regular basis beginning soon. Suffice it to say I am PSYCHED. I just feel like, man, all I did was write a bunch of stories and all these great things keep falling in my lap. Nina, in typical fashion, says we’re on our way to being Oprah and Gail. I’m not sure which one of us is supposed to be who, but I think this might be overstating my couple of minutes on local radio every other month. Granted, I plan to write some brilliant new material for the show, so you never know. Plus oh my god I just remembered a dream I had last night where I was waiting tables at a place that was sort of the place where I worked many years ago, and my first table was having some trouble ordering and it took basically a half hour for them to order, and their table was a mess, and the rest of the restaurant filled up and emptied out before they even got their food and I was just like, oh, I really can’t do this. (I was a good waitress at one time, you know, when I was twenty.) My bosses were being nice enough and then I ran into Oprah somewhere and I apologized but I said I have this book and I know you don’t read books people give you but I just want you to know I have it and she said Oh, alright, I’ll read it. I have no idea what that means. (T.?) Anyway, more info to come on dates and times for my radio debut.


.25 life crisis kid said...

that's exciting!

And Ben is your Stedman!

And OH! Can I come to your guys Legends Ball, like Oprah's? As some sort of inspiration.

Because I would love to go to a ball. Not a ballgame. That's for dude dudes. I want to go to a dancing ball.

teo said...

Teo sez

Sounds to me like even though you were competent in all that you did in your former life, it is writing that gives you the confidence and pleasure to live today. "Can't do this" in regards to waiting tables (the mess that was your life), and then feeling good enough to convince Oprah to read your book, which is spanky and new and just published. You clearly feel good about selling yourself right now, and you are at peace with the decisions you have made. No need to dwell on the past or regret what you haven't are happy to present that which you are currently doing.

And don't forget: Every dream has a wish. Your wish seems to be coming true, as I read it. Whether or not you get on Oprah is actually beside the point, but it can't hurt to through that extra wish in there.

teo said...

By the way: Oprah (in your dream) is probably a metaphor for the world or other people in general.

OR maybe a metaphor for someone in particular. A family member? Mom/Dad/Ben? Different meanings for each, and all interesting.

I particularly like the feel of it as a metaphor for the world/others, but it is what rings true for you that is most important.

Betsy said...

Byron, I will be sure to put you at the top of the list for our Legends Ball. Maybe you will be the first legend.
T - oh, I like that, yes, all of it. I knew it was positive, in spite of the waitressing thing, and I suspect, much as I'd like to be her first short-story writer, Oprah is probably not so much Oprah as she is, as you say, the world and others. I used to be afraid to ask anyone for time of day, particularly with regard to work. I dig it.

hutchie said...

be gail, because i don't know nina at all, but i can't imagine you'd do one of those creepy auschwitz billboards.

Betsy said...

Truth is, I don't think Nina and I are either Oprah or Gail. Although in high school I would for sure have been Gail. I was Nina's friend.

jackie said...

Woo to the hoo!

I shall post a linky to the wonderous news on my blog.

Meanwhile, who's Gail?

Betsy said...

Thanks Jackie!
Gail is Oprah's best friend.