Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Am Too Hot To Think

I have many things to say, but my brain is a little melty right now, so I will just have to wait until it cools off a little up there.

possible topics to look forward to words on soonish:

six feet under
Ruby H.
the paperback of GLORY coming out this weekend

Feel free to go ahead and comment on any of these things if you have A/C and don't feel as floppy as I do.


Daniel Ridges said...

Because I do have A/C:

1. Congratulations on the paperback of Glory coming out!

2. god is a fairly broad subject to comment on. On this weekend's "Soup" on the E! Network, Joel McHale presented a story on Madonna's recent tour, the one where she opens the show crucified on a neon cross... He quoted God as reacting, "Man! I wish!"

3. Do you mean Six Feet Under as in the HBO show? If so, I have many, many, MANY comments on that, as it is one of my favorite shows.

4. sewing. Uh, no.

jackie said...

1. camping
New job=no summer vacation=boohoo.

2. six feet under
I've liked it the few times I've seen it. Due to some rather meta and/or smug blog commentary (don't worry, not yours) about the series, I'm unfortunately turned off to the idea of renting the DVDs.

3. radio
I'm extremely upset about NPR's pending change in format and dear hubby and I are in complete despair over the potential for Sundays without Dick Buckley.

3. Ruby H.
Hah? She's like, what, sixteen now or something? Just kidding! Only her level of reading comprehension, I'm sure.

4. sewing
Oh great, another creative outlet to which I have next to no time to devote.

5. god
Well. You already know my .02 on that one.

6. the paperback of GLORY coming out this weekend
Who the hey is the girl/woman on the cover?

megan said...


Only you can write a list that includes god next to camping and sewing. Hee hee.

Dean said...

I don't have air conditioning, but it is a glorious 68 sunny degrees here.

I wonder how long GLORY will take to come to Canada...

mernitman said...

GLORY be ordered and enroute, now:

How is it that I am STILL thinking about the montage-of-aging-and-death sequence set to Sia singing "Breathe Me" at the end of 6 Feet's final episode?

carolyn said...

all my worst family-related childhood memories involve camping. ALL.

i feel the exact same "eh" about six feet under and god, but presumably you are not feeling the "eh" about one of those. :)

sewing is fun.

glory paperback even more so! :)

Betsy said...

Awesome comments from everyone!
Dan - no on the sewing?
Jackie - beats me on #6.
Megan - Exactly. God is right next to camping and sewing for me. In the best possible way.
Dean - I'm so jealous. Does Amazon deliver up there?
Billy - Thanks! And - Because it was a haunting, intense sequence? Plus because the whole soundtrack was so perfect?
Carolyn - oh, I'm so sorry about the camping thing. My family camping memories are good, but it's not hard to imagine that camping can easily go wrong.

Daniel Ridges said...
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