Monday, May 23, 2005

A Final Word About Mojo For Today As He Prepares To Go Home

He barks in his sleep.

I do not bark in my sleep, but sometimes I scream.


kfoz said...

I love snoring dogs, and dogs who dream they are chasing things, and who sound like they are sobbing in their sleep.

My little pit bull Sula snores like a banshee, and a few mornings ago I must have been snoring too, because she woke me up by licking my face and she had a really silly smile on her face.

My other two dogs though, don't snore.

hutchie said...

dignan occasionally makes robot noises in his sleep.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Ken - Ha!
Anne - Robot noises?

jackie said...

It's funny to watch housepets have dreams in their sleep, when they are all twitchy.

Even funnier is my baby. I've caught her giggling in her sleep a few times. One can hope that she is dreaming of kittens and puppies.

That, in turn, are dreaming of giggly little babies -- who are dreaming of more kittens and puppies, etc.

DAM said...

I have been told I snore. I have also been told I sit up. I don't. I don't. I don't. (Aint denial grand?)

I definitely laugh. I've woken to my own laughter and I love it.

Off topic, but sleep related. Why is it that when I have "those" kind of dreams, I wake up before I should/want to? These do not make me laugh! TMI? Sorry.

megan said...

My dog is so FAMOUS! He's the special guest star on Elizabeth Crane's BLOG and is currently so stunned by this honro that he is--yes--napping! He's the napping-est dog I've ever seen, this little guy! But seriously:

1. THANK YOU soooo much for puppysitting!
2. I'm glad to hear is was good so perhaps #1 can happen again!
3. I do not bark, or, for that matter, scream in my sleep. But Christopher tells me that I do talk. Apparently, one of his favorite games is to have long in-depth conversations with me as I sleep. Since we got Mojo, he's stopped talking to me in my sleep and instead pokes the puppy, to see if he'll bark, 'cause he thinks it's super-cute. Sleep-barking is cuter than sleep-talking, apparently.

megan said...

is was good=he was good

Elizabeth Crane said...

1. YOU ARE soooo welcome!
2. It can and it should!
3. Sleep-barking is probably cuter than sleep-talking, although Ben is pretty cute when he sleep-talks.

kfoz said...

What kind of dog is Mojo?

Jeez..look at all the response you get when you post about doggies!

kfoz said...

it's been two days...are you depressed?

hutchie said...

yeah, robot noises. it's hard to explain, and even harder to describe, but chafe will confirm.

kfoz said...
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