Friday, May 20, 2005


I am feeling much better today, but I am all that much more sure it's because I have at least mild, undiagnosed SAD, and this morning the sun is peeking out just enough for me to remember what an awesome life I have. It wasn't so much that I forgot, it was more that I just didn't remember. Anyway, eight comments may be a record for this blog, and I'm glad to know that eight of you care!

Ben is not Afghani, but it's nice to lie under him too. When he came home I moved from the sofa into the bed (you know, just to mix it up, plus we can't both lie on the couch and I wasn't ready to be vertical yet) where we ate frozen pizza and watched a painfully bad movie. No lie, in one scene this couple is fighting and one of the lines was, "You - writer!" I have no idea what that means, but it obviously wasn't good. I'll refrain from naming the film, but: pretentious + arty always = painful if you ask me.
Ted, I did enjoy your new writing style, it's a little bit Cranesque, and that can never be wrong either.


B said...

PLEASE! What was the bad movie!!!!! I love bad movies!

kfoz said...

Also, please post a photo of your hot Afghani husband.

And...please visit my blog and post a comment on my hot dog's puppy picture that I just unearthed...and immediately posted because it is just so unbelievably cute. (that's