Friday, May 06, 2005


I am not a teenage drama queen, and I know I have no business watching a movie about one, or any movie starring Lindsay Lohan for that matter. But my dad has a new flat-screen TV plus digital cable, and when there are 758 channels to choose from, this is what you do.
So we watched a good chunk of this movie which was very obviously all kinds of dreadful, and I wouldn't mention it at all except for when it became apparent that Lindsay was going to sing, Dad said, "Oh no, she's not one of those actresses who thinks she has to be a singer, too?" I said, "I'm afraid she is."
But the best part of the whole movie was when Lindsay meets her idol, this rock star dude. She's disappointed that he's too drunk to discuss his meaningful lyrics with her, and tells him, "You're drunk." Then at the end of the movie, he shows up at a party and says he had to see her now. "I'm sober and in recovery," he says, "because of you."
So what have we learned here? Lindsay Lohan can cure alcoholism?


hutchie said...

do i even need to mention that my daughter loves that movie and the young, pert miss lohan? probably not. but freaky friday's a lot better than that one.

Betsy said...

I couldn't help but think of Ruby singing her version of "that girl is a teen-age drama queen!" - anyway, not to worry, Anne, I am so sure Ruby will be over it by the time she's eight or nine, which I figure has got to be the target audience for this stuff because no twelve-year-old would ever buy into it. Kind of like the way I started reading Seventeen magazine around ten and was over it by the time I was fourteen.

Jackie said...

Yeah, moms has the big ol'TV and recliners and eleventy billion channels from which to choose. This raises two very important questions:

1. Where was all this sweet entertainment center action twenty years ago, when I still lived with her?

2. Why is it every time I visit I gravitate toward Animal Planet the entire time?

No matter. Now that we've got the baby on board, I'm SOL for endless discretionary TV time when I visit. I fear the hypnotic effects of the ADD factory upon Ellie. Dog knows the six hours a day of my childhood screwed me up but good that way.

PS - Prognosis for Mom is damn good. Sent you an e-card to that effect but don't know if you got it.

Elizabeth Crane said...

No I didn't get the card but I'm glad to hear it.
I didn't see Animal Planet, but I'm sure I would have loved it.
Eleventy billion is a great number.

jackie said...

1. Eleventy billion is a number wagered by Keanu Reeves on SNL's "Jeopardy".

2. Things not so good now with Mom. Found out during the pre-tests that she has a bummy ticker and can't get anasthesia until it's straigtened out. So no removal of cancer yet. She is walking around with a weird right ventricle and cancer of the hoo-ha.


kfoz said...

Lindsay can cure alcoholism, but not her own little nose-candy problem. I have to confess: I used to like her! I was held hostage by The Parent Trap years ago on a plane, and I loved Mean Girls. But I find her skeletal new party girl persona way to haggish to ever pay money towards her work again.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Oh, I should have known it was drugs! I have to admit I too enjoyed The Parent Trap, and her in it, but ever since she grew boobs she's freaked me out, and as much as I want to see it I've avoided Mean Girls so far - and I love Tina Fey! Tina Fey has my birthday!