Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sickeningly Sweet Moment of the Day: Turn Back Now or Stand Forewarned

The other day my husband said, "We should run for cutest couple in Chicago."
I said, "Who else is running?"
He said, "No one."
So I said, "Well, then we'd be sure to win."
He said, "Right." He proposed that we make an actual campaign and put up flyers and send announcements to the papers and stuff.
I said "That sounds like art."
"Yes," he said.
I'm pretty sure we're not gonna do it though. At least not until we decide what it means.
Plus if anyone's gonna draw a mustache on my picture, it's gonna be me. There was a giant billboard in our neighborhood recently of the girl from Alias (or what I like to call, The Show About Wigs). If I had to guess, I'd say her mug was about 15' by 15', and of course we don't have a billboard budget, but I thought, well, I know famous people don't mind being on billboards and some of them less than don't mind, but me, I don't know, it seems like if I had to see my big giant 15x15 mug hovering over Ashland Avenue every day I'd flat out have to be taken away for inpatient psychiatric care. I got all Kafka just thinking about it. So probably nix on the flyers, is all I'm saying.
Anyway, I tried to warn you.


hutchie said...

I think it would be a lot more arty if you put the fliers up in every place BUT Chicago, even tho' you were running for the cutest couple in Chicago. Confusing people is super-arty.
Thanks fer coming to visit last weekend. It was so much fun.

Elizabeth Crane said...

Yes! We'll have to remember that in NY later this month.

Jackie said...

You'd have to run against Pat and me, though. We could have a chickenfight.