Monday, March 07, 2005

Charles and Camilla

I’m not particularly interested in royals at all, in fact I wonder what the big whoop is. But I do see why this romance is a little bit interesting. It’s complicated. As many have pointed out, it’s partly because Camilla is older, not glamorous in any way, and because this romance has lasted over some thirty years or whatever and two marriages. I wish I could go rah rah Camilla, you go girl, rock it with the bonny prince, because for sure she’s not a trophy wife. But I can’t get around the fact that these people both cheated on their spouses – I wonder what marriage could really mean to them now, if it didn’t mean faithfulness and commitment the first time? Do they know they blew it the first time? Anyway, royal or not, you can’t take anyone seriously after the tampon thing. I wouldn’t go to this wedding either, if I were the Queen. If someone said something like that to me, even my Ben, which he wouldn’t, but if he did, I’d be like, Ok, gross, I still love you but I need some time to recover from that.

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